“Without the new media the Egyptian Revolution could not have happened in the way that it did. The causes of the revolution were many; deep-rooted and long seated. The turning moment had come – but it was the instant and wide-spread nature of the new media that made it possible to recognise the moment and to push it into such an effective manifestation”.— Ahdaf Soueif.

Así como me sorprendía cuando imprimieron la discusión sobre el artículo de Wikipedia de la guerra de Irak ahora un nuevo libro recopila los tweets enviados desde la plaza Tahrir de Egipto durante la revolución para sacar a Mubarak del poder. En la publicación se encontrarán con tweets históricos como este:

“Egypt’s revolution as it unfolded, in the words of the people who made it”, es el subtítulo de Tweets From Tahrir:

History has never before been written in this fashion. The tweet limit of 140 characters evidently concentrated the feelings of those using Twitter. Raw emotion bursts from their messages, whether frantic alarm at attacks from pro-government thugs or delirious happiness at the fall of the dictator. To read these tweets is to embark a rollercoaster ride, from the surprise and excitement of the first demonstration, to the horror of the violence that claimed hundreds of lives, to the final ecstasy of victory.

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